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Is it time to upgrade your Vendor Invoice Management (VIM) solution?

The world is moving quickly – are your invoice management processes keeping up? Technology is improving the way businesses conduct their operations. Everything from customer service to finance is being reevaluated, enhanced, and implemented faster than ever before. One of the areas where technology is enhancing business is Vendor Invoice Management. As ...

The 4 top challenges for asset-intensive businesses

Common challenges that prevent a business from achieving benchmarks set by your peers. Here’s how to perform with the best. Today, asset-intensive companies have a lot to keep track of. The introduction of information and data management requirements, as well as compliance concerns, have forced companies to reconsider how they approach asset management. ...

Extended ECM for IBM Maximo – how it works

Discover how the latest solution from Qellus helps your business operate faster and better Qellus’ solution for Maximo allows for more efficient collaboration in asset-related activities across your entire company. It enables you to match the robust document and records management within OpenText directly to Maximo’s asset management solution.

Now is the time to automate your invoice processing

If your business is like many companies around the world, you have had to adapt your processes and begin working from home. Many other companies have been working remotely for quite some time now. No matter what circumstance your business finds itself in, one thing is clear – whether you’re in the office or working from home, invoices keep arriving.

Is Your Company Ready for the Future?

Today, more than ever, businesses need the ability to use digital tools and assets that enable them to operate remotely and more efficiently without disrupting their current processes. However digital transformation can be a complex journey for even the largest companies, and the process can present a unique set of challenges. These range from adoption and ...