Get access to trusted documents and drawings to safely perform your tasks

Solutions to leverage documents in IBM Maximo and the information management plan you need to control your asset lifecycle


Drive operational safety and efficiency


Increase uptime and asset reliability


Easily respond to regulatory requests

We know how difficult is it to enable field staff to collaborate and access the information they need to perform their tasks

 You feel frustrated because they are wasting time searching and verifying for documents and drawings they can trust
  • The document hand-over process is cumbersome and fraught with error
  • Managing changes to controlled documents is disconnected and introduces errors in documentation
  • Incorrect documents and drawings are contributing to workplace injuries and safety incidents
  • Maintenance and operations personnel are unable to perform their activities on time
  • Responding to compliance requests requires an all-hands approach and significant manual effort
IBM Maximo is relied upon as the source of truth for asset-related data, but often the documents and drawings your teams need to operate safely and efficiently are forgotten

IBM Maximo should be the source of truth for your documents and drawings

We provide solutions for your operations and maintenance teams to access the information they need in IBM Maximo, and enable you to create an integrated asset information management plan to control documents and drawings throughout their lifecycle

“We won't take on any OpenText projects without Qellus. They are the absolute best at what they do.”

IT Director, oil and gas company

“We can now deliver a safe and efficient operation due to higher quality data"

Chief Analyst, oil and gas company

"Already we’re beginning to work together in a collaborative environment to maximize our efforts as a company. Qellus has done wonders for our company culture and the way we deal with data.”

Operational Data Manager, oil and gas company

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Get immediate access to documents and drawings you need in IBM Maximo

As a business that leverages IBM Maximo to get access to asset, location, and work order information, we know how difficult it is to look for and verify documents and drawings you can trust. Qellus provides solutions to access the documentation you need in IBM Maximo, enabling you to create an integrated information management plan to control asset documents and drawings throughout their lifecycle.

Qellus Extended ECM for IBM Maximo

Download the data sheet to learn how to minimize downtime & unplanned outages of your asset-related projects.


Extended ECM for IBM Maximo

Robust document management solution directly with Maximo’s asset management interface.

Enterprise Asset Management

Optimize your asset management process, eliminate downtime, and reduce maintenance operations.

Automated Invoice Processes

Get the efficiency of Accounts Payable Automation by implementing OpenText and SAP Vendor Invoice Management (VIM) solution.

Enterprise Content Services

Make unstructured content easily accessible within the context of your business processes across your ERP, CRM, and HR solutions.