Extended ECM for IBM Maximo – how it works

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November 18, 2020
Extended ECM for IBM Maximo – how it works

Discover how the latest solution from Qellus helps your business operate faster and better

Qellus’ solution for Maximo allows for more efficient collaboration in asset-related activities across your entire company. It enables you to match the robust document and records management within OpenText directly to Maximo’s asset management solution. 

What’s more, recently, we hosted a webinar dedicated to learning best practices to drive maintenance costs below 10% of total manufacturing costs using Maximo and OpenText. The webinar struck a chord with those working in asset-intensive companies operating in Oil & Gas, Energy & Utilities, Life Sciences, and Manufacturing and generated significant interest from the participants. Find the link to the webinar recording on the bottom.

The current state of asset-intensive businesses

Asset-intensive businesses around the world share common challenges when it comes to their daily operations. Every one of these organizations faces the challenge of trusting critical documentation about their assets, minimizing downtime and outages,  while maximizing the safety of their operations. 

Specifically, some of the challenges these businesses face include:

  • Long downtimes and outages due to inefficient collaboration in asset-related projects
  • Inconsistent or incomplete plant information
  • Decreased safety due to out-dated and erroneous work procedures or material safety data sheets
  • Complex document handover processes between employees and contractors
  • Documents that are not easily shared with users outside of Maximo

All of these challenges can be correlated to how effectively the company manages its data and information. In essence, asset-intensive companies have incomplete details on plant locations and assets, or cannot find the information in time to share it with the right people due to scattered file systems and information silos. This leads to confusion and, ultimately, safety and productivity issues.

Qellus’ Extended ECM for IBM Maximo has been designed to help solve these problems. It helps companies organize and manage their data, linking assets to the documents that help them run efficiently and safely. 

How Qellus Extended ECM for IBM Maximo works

Qellus’ solution is the link between your documents, securely managed in OpenText, and your assets registered with Maximo. It gives you the ability to access that content directly from Maximo as well as through a browser or mobile device within OpenText, where the associated metadata from Maximo assets can be leveraged. This helps your team locate information immediately, based on familiar and relevant asset attributes.

In addition to this, Qellus Extended ECM for IBM Maximo enables you to integrate drawings from your engineering systems directly into the same ECM repository – allowing for trusted integration of critical engineering drawings.

Qellus Extended ECM for IBM Maximo features:

  • Trusted and secure folder templates anchored to their Maximo object
  • Automatic tagging with Maximo driven metadata
  • Leverage built-in Maximo Business Object relationships
  • Link to your Engineering Document Management vault
  • Migration and Document Transfer for Existing Content
  • Maximo user interface integration

Finally, if you already leverage Extended ECM for SAP or Oracle, our solution extends access to Maximo work orders to your finance teams to support vendor invoices and payment from your ERP.  This allows for seamless sharing of data that would all be required for typical plant maintenance.

Benefits of Qellus Extended ECM for IBM Maximo

By using Qellus Extended ECM for IBM Maximo, your organization will drive operational excellence in plant maintenance by quickly locating and sharing documentation through a robust, shared, and trusted OpenText solution. Now, work orders, standard operating procedures and equipment manuals will be at the fingertips of those who need them most, at the moment they need them.

Whether dealing with your procurement team, field operators, maintenance staff or audit teams, Qellus Extended ECM for IBM Maximo offers:

  • Minimized time for unplanned outages and assets – by enabling access and trust in asset, equipment and engineering information.
  • Increased plant production and operational excellence – by providing quick access to up-to-date failure documentation, analysis and reporting.
  • Reduced maintenance costs – by simplifying hand-offs between maintenance stakeholders.
  • Improved safety and compliance – by accurately managing asset data consistently.
  • Reduced fines and increased brand reputation – through better information governance and organization.

Extend your efficiency, enable your success

Qellus Extended ECM for IBM Maximo is the link your organization needs to achieve more through wide-spread asset data management. By matching the assets in your enterprise with the necessary documentation to ensure their efficient operation, you will be able to boost your productivity and exceed operational benchmarks achieved by those in your industry.

As an experienced information management consultancy and solution provider, Qellus has over two decades of combined professional experience to help your organization do more, grow more, and be more productive. If you would like to find out more about Qellus Extended ECM for IBM Maximo or our other professional services, contact us today for a free consultation or watch our webinar “Minimize asset downtime and unplanned outages using Maximo and OpenText”.

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Post by qellusweb
November 18, 2020