Introducing Extended ECM for IBM Maximo

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November 3, 2020
Introducing Extended ECM for IBM Maximo

A new product to integrate the flexibility of ECM with the power of Maximo

Collaboration is the driving factor behind a productive and efficient company. In asset-intensive businesses, every fractional increase in efficiency means thousands of dollars in revenue. Now you can take control of your maintenance, operations and brand reputation with Extended ECM for IBM Maximo.

Bring synergy to your operations

Bridging the gap between your documents and your operations shouldn’t be a challenge – it should be an expectation. Documents within the oil and gas, energy, engineering and other asset-intensive industries are vital to the successful operation and profitability of the businesses that operate within them. From maintenance and repair to operational excellence and safety compliance, documents play a role throughout these enterprises, yet have operated in silos separately to the assets they describe.

The successful management of documents in an organization can increase efficiency, minimize downtime and decrease unplanned outages. For asset-intensive companies, this is critical to their operations and financials. Qellus realised this fact and has developed Extended ECM for IBM Maximo. This revolutionary solution is the only way to bring complete integration between the assets in your organization and the documentation that keeps them running.

Extended ECM for IBM Maximo

Qellus’ solution allows for more efficient collaboration surrounding asset-related activities across your entire company. It enables you to embed full document and records management capabilities from OpenText directly within Maximo’s asset management solution. This allows you to seamlessly share asset information to increase operational excellence, reduce maintenance costs, improve safety performance and reduce fines.

Business Benefits

  • Anchor OpenText documentation to Maximo assets
  • Gain access to accurate documentation at the moment of asset contact 
  • Minimize downtime and unplanned outages of assets
  • Increase plant production
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Ensure safety and compliance
  • Reduce fines and increase brand reputation

Extended ECM for IBM Maximo gives you the power to share asset information and data across the operations and maintenance processes in Maximo as well as the procurement processes in your ERP systems. Now, you can promote improved collaboration with suppliers and subcontractors, and manage complex work orders within and outside of your organization. 

The missing link to asset management  success

It’s time to ensure your team has the documents they need when operating on the assets that run your operation, on location, on time. Extended ECM for IBM Maximo is the solution you need to ensure the smooth operations, maintenance, and control of your asset-intensive business.

If you would like to manage your document assets in Maximo by using the flexibility and power of OpenText, visit the product page, or contact us for a free consultation and begin your digital journey to an integrated, efficient, and trusted asset management solution.

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Post by qellusweb
November 3, 2020