Now is the time to automate your invoice processing

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June 24, 2020
Now is the time to automate your invoice processing

If your business is like many companies around the world, you have had to adapt your processes and begin working from home. Many other companies have been working remotely for quite some time now. No matter what circumstance your business finds itself in, one thing is clear – whether you’re in the office or working from home, invoices keep arriving.

Invoicing is one of the most important aspects of running a business. How you conduct it affects your reputation, your relationship with your employees, and ultimately how suppliers see you. However, invoicing can be difficult when working remotely. There are many challenges that companies face during the invoicing process. These include data privacy concerns, lack of control, and technology integration obstacles.

The good news is that Qellus enables customers to tackle these challenges head-on and provides support throughout the entire process. Let’s examine some of the challenges of the invoicing process when working remotely and how Qellus can assist.

The Challenges of Remote Invoicing

High invoice volumes

A manual invoicing process is fine when you have one or two invoices to complete. It’s not acceptable when you have tens of thousands of invoices to process. This means that as your business grows, so does the need for an automated accounts payable solution. Without one, your business will be prone to incorrect payments, incomplete information, and a significant hindrance to your productivity.

How Qellus Helps

Qellus helps reduce the chaos around your accounts payable processes. We leverage AI and Machine Learning technology to automatically capture and recognize key data needed to process invoices from your suppliers, routing invoices to the right person for the right task at the right time. 

Avoid the chaos of email routing

When working remotely, documents and information need an efficient and standard process. Not only this, but financial data needs to be protected – the right data in the wrong hands could have disastrous effects for the company and cause unnecessary conflict.  Email is often the de facto choice to manage routing and approval when no other choice exists but introduces a lack of control, audit, and security that a best-in-class accounts payable process requires.

How Qellus Helps

Qellus ensures that invoices are sent to the correct person the moment they need to have access to them. In this way, Qellus strengthens your company’s controls, ensuring data privacy, and limits the unpredictable routing of these critical documents.  By implementing a controlled process, you gain the analytics to drive improvements in productivity and accountability, shortening the cycle to pay invoices and reduce errors.  

Limited Access to Skills

Automation tools, in general, have a reputation for being complex to use and implement. When optimizing your business processes, your access to the right skills, assistance, or guidance is extremely limited, and often consulting companies don’t have the functional or technical skills you need to provide the best practices you require and deserve. 

How Qellus Helps

Qellus is not only a services provider but a partner to your success. When you use one of Qellus’ solutions, the entire team with decades of experience is there to help you and your staff. With advice, guidance, and assistance, you can be assured that you’re supported at every stage of the invoicing process; ensuring you get things right the first time, every time.

Technology Integration Obstacles

Whenever you introduce a new tool or process to your business, there are bound to be conflicts with the way your company operates. Sometimes tools do not work well together, needing you to find workarounds or constantly reinterpret data. This can cause critical errors in your invoicing process. While working remotely, this problem can quickly develop into something that delays your entire business process until it is resolved effectively.

How Qellus Helps

Efficiently run organizations must be able to leverage information about invoices across functional teams and systems. Your invoicing tools need to work in tandem with your procurement platforms, payment systems, and purchasing teams. Qellus is able to integrate your critical accounts payable solutions and works with leading OpenText, SAP, and Ariba platforms. This enables you to reduce unplanned downtime, provide integrated access to the systems you need to use, and lower invoice processing costs.

Data Regulation Requirements

Financial data requires strict data control regulations that must be satisfied before a business can operate. These industries include the life sciences, finance, manufacturing, oil and gas, utilities, mining, and energy, to name a few. When working remotely, many of these regulations do not have the guarantee of enforcement that they once had in a more traditional environment. Businesses with highly regulated data will not be able to satisfy the requirements of these regulations and thus find it difficult to operate, especially when it comes to how invoices are handled.

How Qellus Helps

Qellus helps industries stay compliant with structured and rigorous processes that can be proved at all stages. This enables highly regulated industries to satisfy compliance requirements no matter how distributed their processes become.

Achieve Your Goals, Anywhere

With Qellus, distributed working environments don’t have to impact your daily business processes. With sophisticated automated invoicing solutions as well as a highly trained and dedicated team to support you, each day away from the office can be business as usual.

In addition to helping you integrate a dispersed team, Qellus can help you: 

  • Save implementation cost and effort
  • Gain insights into key invoicing and spending metrics
  • Reduce invoice processing costs
  • Always stay compliant with structured and rigorous processes 

Facing the challenges of working and invoicing remotely can be daunting – but you no longer have to face them alone. Qellus has the technology and decades of experience you need to take your business to the next level.

Contact Qellus today, and face the challenge of running a business in the digital age head-on.

Post by qellusweb
June 24, 2020