Catching up on MaximoWorld 2021

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September 6, 2021
Catching up on MaximoWorld 2021

A breakdown of what happened, our thoughts and impressions

Another year, another MaximoWorld – but this one was much more than its predecessors. For the first time since the pandemic, MaximoWorld has held in-person at Disney World, Florida. We really enjoyed mingling with fellow IBM Maximo customers and even learned a thing or two from the various presenters at the event. In this piece, we recall our impressions and takeaways from this year’s event.

Only Qellus filled the gap in providing a solution for managing documents

Perhaps one of the more surprising revelations was that Qellus was the only solution for managing documents effectively. While many other solutions focused on adding features, capabilities, or entirely new functions, Qellus was the only solution on the show floor to effectively manage documents across the asset lifecycle – giving teams from engineering, to operations, as well as procurement, access to consistent asset documentation consistently from Maximo and other leading applications. Many partners and customers shared that this has been a long-time challenge for which there have been no elegant solutions – until now.  

Resident Qellus expert, founder, and managing director, Ihsan Hall was busy with live demonstrations throughout the entire event. He showed multiple attendees how to improve collaboration and access  critical information across teams while reducing maintenance costs and increasing brand reputation. He also showed how Qellus allowed companies to build seamless integration of document solutions within IBM Maximo to help increase uptime and improve the capital project handover process.

All in all, we enjoyed highlighting the new features of Qellus and the impact only Extended ECM for IBM Maximo could have on organizations seeking to manage their asset documentation effectively throughout the asset lifecycle.

Digital transformation was a big focus

As many Maximo users know, Maximo User Groups (MUGs) played a critical role in carrying on the peer-to-peer networking during the pandemic with the move to virtual meetings. The ability to continue interactions with the community enabled the Maximo community to remain active throughout the pandemic. This year, many user groups focused on digital transformation, with these sentiments echoed through key-note speeches and presentations. Unsurprisingly, digital transformation will remain a focal point for the Maximo community as we increasingly rely on technology to be more productive.

The importance of diversity across the tech sector

Women in Reliability and Asset Management (WIRAM) held a panel on diversity and its importance in the technology industry during opening day. It was presented that gender diversity in technology enabled more creativity and innovation, and was steadily growing in the field. The key speaker, Melissa Ruth, shared her experiences from over 20 years in guiding nuclear, transportation, government, engineering, and oil and gas organizations. She highlighted the importance of opening the field to more young women who want to become part of the industry and where the opportunities exist.

The pandemic fueled innovation through Maximo

The breakout sessions had notable contributions from various Maximo users on how they could achieve success during the pandemic. It was a testament to how strong and committed the Maximo community is and how Maximo helped many companies continue to grow and prosper. In fact, if you took a stroll around the exhibitor floor, you might have caught sight of some of these technological innovations – including robotic dog Spot – a big hit at this year’s conference.

The Maximo community loves sharing knowledge

One of the notable elements at MaximoWorld 2021 was the amount of knowledge freely shared between participants and visitors. Not only in the sessions, workshops, and presentations but also in the various booths scattered around the event. People were always sharing something they had learned or built since MaximoWorld 2019. Many visitors to our booth even exchanged information with us based on their knowledge and particular field. This, in particular, was the spirit of MaximoWorld at its finest. 

See you at MaximoWorld 2022!

Like the previous events, we were astonished by the strength and determination of the community at MaximoWorld. To the organizers who made this happen, we say “thank you.” To our new friends, users, and visitors to our booth, we want you to know that you are the reason we keep innovating and pushing the boundaries of our solutions. Being able to connect with you in person at MaximoWorld is always a pleasure and one of the biggest highlights of our year.

We look forward to the next MaximoWorld, but if you can’t wait that long to see what we’re up to, take a look at our blog for more information. Alternatively, contact us today if you want to find out how best to manage and organize your documents directly within Maximo.

Post by qellusweb
September 6, 2021