Join Qellus at Maximo World 2021 – booth 719

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July 9, 2021
Join Qellus at Maximo World 2021 – booth 719


In the first in-person Maximo event since the pandemic, Qellus will be showcasing how you can turn your data into an asset for your company. We would like to invite you to join us and the Maximo community at large to discover new innovations for your business and the upcoming trends for the industry.

What is MaximoWorld?

Maximo World is a live community event where technology innovators and industry experts share best practices on data management and governance. Visionary names from across the tech environment will be in attendance, such as Boston Dynamics, Brad Keywell (CEO, Uptake), and Andrew Buckland (General Motors) to name a few. Above all, the event is the premier conference for IBM Maximo users, managers, and business leaders who are focused on learning, networking, and exploring innovative solutions.

Why should you attend?

Operational transformation is a top priority for businesses. Nowadays, running a business is much more than managing downtime, and competitive companies are expanding both the breadth and the depth of how they extract more value from assets. Top quartile performers realize that safety, reliability, and maintenance should all be aligned. Technology is the key to achieving this. By tightly integrating data and observations, you can make better decisions and achieve business success.

If you feel like there may be opportunities to increase the return on investment you have in the IBM Maximo, this event is the community for you. MaximoWorld has a provable 95% ROI for teams who attend and provides an ideal opportunity to network with industry experts and innovators. In addition, solution providers that specialize in leveraging Maximo will be in attendance throughout the event, enabling you to discover innovative solutions for your business objectives.

Maintaining your competencies and maximizing the value of your Maximo investment are key to the event. MaximoWorld is a great opportunity to stay ahead of the innovation curve and achieve the best-in-class metrics for your organization.

Join Qellus at Booth 719

Today, we’re proud to announce our attendance at MaximoWorld 2021 – where we’ll be asking a simple yet challenging question: can you find and trust your asset documents?

For years, companies have created more documents and unstructured information supporting business transactions than at any point in our history. Inspection reports, engineering drawings, equipment schematics, leases, building drawings, and work orders all play a critical role in the modern operation and management of asset intensive industries.

This content, however, has historically been poorly managed, underutilized, and created frustration for employees and customers alike, raising questions about information accessibility and reliability. 80% of a company’s information and data used to make decisions resides in documents. Yet often, companies do not treat this asset documentation  as an asset and instead leave each user to determine the best place to store, label, manage, and secure these critical documents.

The truth is, your data and enterprise content have tremendous value and can transform the way your company does business. Qellus was formed to help growing organizations leverage data into practical assets. We provide an alternative to companies who are frustrated with underperforming, complicated data management and want to create immediate business impact. 

At MaximoWorld, we’ll reveal the value you can get from your data and document management to exponentially increase your efficiency no matter your industry or objectives. 

Come and join Qellus at booth 719 to see how to:

  • Improve reliability and trust in asset documentation by directly tying it to its digital twin in Maximo.
  • Manage the building drawings across the asset lifecycle from initial build through operations
  • Obtain efficient startup and shutdown activities
  • Support inspections and permitting with accurate certificate management
  • Ensure accuracy of equipment schematics and maintenance procedures
  • Properly identify and order spare parts
  • Ensure recalls and technical bulletins are available from work orders

What’s more at MaximoWorld?

  • Network with industry innovators and uncover support and collaboration opportunities
  • Ask questions and get immediate answers from experts in the industry
  • Get into a conversation with user group community partners and sponsors who understand your industry and objectives
  • Listen to innovative ideas to improve your work
  • Explore new tools and software innovations first hand.

Join us today!

Let us know if you’re coming, and be sure to book a meeting with our experts at booth 719.


We look forward to seeing you there and sharing new, innovative ways to get even more value from Maximo for you and your team.

For more information on Qellus and what we can do to enhance your data and information management, please visit our solutions page, or contact us for a free consultation.




Post by qellusweb
July 9, 2021