Why You Should Consider Digital Transformation

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June 23, 2021
Why You Should Consider Digital Transformation

Navigating change can be tough – let us help you through your digital transformation challenges.

Projections suggest that worldwide spending on digital transformation will reach $1.3 trillion U.S. dollars, growing 10.4 percent year-on-year. In fact, 38% of executives plan to invest more in technology to make it their competitive advantage.

As a business leader, you need to find ways to do more with less every day. With increasing overheads, established competitors, and demanding customers, the only way to stay in business is to constantly improve every aspect of your company.

Technology enables you to achieve this. From sales and marketing to operations and logistics, every department can become more efficient, profitable, and manageable than ever before, thanks to the technology and solutions available today. However, to do this, you need to digitally transform your business, which is not always a simple matter.

What is digital transformation?

As technology continues to improve, so do the options businesses have to achieve more with their resources. You can generate and nurture more sales, automate marketing, drive engagement, and understand your customers on a deeper level. All of this is possible by incorporating technology into daily business processes to increase a businesses’ performance. 

This, essentially, is what digital transformation is all about. It is the shift that businesses experience using new technology to replace older, less effective methods. It doesn’t fundamentally change what you do, simply how you go about doing it.

When businesses went from typewriters to computers, fax to email, and email marketing to marketing automation, they were digitally transforming. However, today’s circumstances have indicated transformation at a scale previously unimaginable. Driven by the pandemic, businesses have been forced to change how they work and introduce new technology to their processes.

What drives digital transformation?

The more efficient a business is, the more profit it ultimately generates. This basic understanding is what has led companies to transform their processes digitally. New digital tools enable you to develop a better return on data-related assets, create a more agile business operation and increase operational safety. With a better run business and more efficient processes, you can develop better relationships with your customers for greater rewards.

Here are a few additional benefits of digital transformation with Qellus that you should consider for your own business:


Achieve long-term growth and profitability

Your business needs to work smarter, not harder. Through a data-driven approach, you can ensure your teams are ready for today’s tasks as well as the future of work. With Qellus, we work to fundamentally transform your business processes to be aligned with long-term success based on growth and profits.

Instill a culture of continuous improvement

Digital transformation is not just about tools; it’s also about people. Digital transformation with Qellus instills a culture of evaluation and scientific discovery throughout your organization. This approach enables you to continue improving your processes long after the transformation is complete.

Transform critical business processes

The most significant cost reductions and efficiency boosts are a direct result of your critical business processes. Enhancing and improving these processes can have long-lasting effects on your organization’s operational efficiency, employee engagement, and customer satisfaction.

Make collective informed decisions

If you want to identify areas of improvement for your company, you need to generate precise data and turn it into actionable insights. Digital tools and technology offer this level of transparency required for business owners to make informed decisions for their company.

Save money while increasing sales

Qellus has seen its customers cut costs by 20 to 30 percent through flexible architecture and more agile operations. We achieve this through standardizing and automating your critical processes while eliminating waste and errors. This results in increased sales through new customer avenues and more efficiency.


Digital transformation objectives

While there are many benefits to digital transformation, companies will often embark on the digital transformation process for one or a combination of the following four digital transformation business objectives:

Automate and optimize business processes

Eliminating human error and streamlining processes can both be achieved with more tools created for convenience and automation. This affects speeding up and optimizing business processes for faster time to market and efficient production. Both of these results are common business objectives for companies in any industry.

Improving the customer experience 

The customer is always right, and what the customer wants is convenience. The more power a customer has to provide feedback, get a faster result, customize their order or receive support, the better experience they will have. This, in turn, helps companies retain their customers and the profits that are associated with them. New solutions and processes that come with digital transformation can assist your teams in providing the best customer experience possible with more options and power afforded to your customers.

Enhancing Employee Experience

Happier employees are more productive employees. Digital transformation has the potential to improve your employee experience by automating tedious processes, providing them with more information to work with and improving the overall convenience available. This, in turn, will not only help your employees get more work done, but create an environment where innovation and creativity prosper.

Establishing new applications and services

Newer applications and services are sometimes required to keep up with the competition. Whether finding more efficient means to accomplish business goals or simply providing an opportunity to attract more customers, new applications and services are a must for growth. Digital transformation can support these endeavors by enabling the data and information needs of new solutions and identifying new ways to connect with customers.

The digital transformation process

Digital transformation is a necessary but challenging process. While there are many benefits to digital transformation, there is a reason why only 30% of businesses succeed in transforming successfully.

Digital transformation is challenging and arduous. Operational disruptions, employee pushback, and unforeseen circumstances all contribute to a confusing process that can turn a well-intentioned transformation initiative into an aimless endeavor of new technologies and methods.

The truth is, most organizations are unprepared for the key stages, resources, and people required to succeed. Qellus gives you the tools and guidance you need to ensure your digital transformation is a success.


The Qellus Approach to Digital Transformation 

Every digital journey starts with exemplary leadership and technical expertise. As your expert, we work with you to remove the friction and frustration between your processes, technology, and people. Our approach builds collaboration between these elements to create lasting digital change throughout your organization.

To minimize friction around change and accelerate business outcomes, we identify ways to internally promote the benefits of change, set clear expectations, and provide access to ongoing training with options for self-service and live sessions. We implement and execute this collaboratively with your team, optimizing your digital transformation journey without the setbacks that so often accompany it.

In this way, Qellus acts as your trusted advisor, a digital transformation consultant, that guides and assists you through each stage of the transformation process, ensuring that your business gets things right the first time, every time. Here are a few of the ways Qellus prepares your organization for digital transformation success.

  • Accelerate decision-making and speed time to market with transparent and trusted data. 
  • Cut costs by 20 to 30 percent by standardizing and automating your critical processes. 
  • Gain guidance on the concrete stages, resources, and people required to succeed. 
  • Leverage the data produced in the business process to foster insights and continuous improvement.
  • Developing a custom digital transformation roadmap
  • Helping you implement an iterative and agile implementation approach aligned to your priorities

If you would like to find out more about how Qellus can help you achieve a long-lasting digital transformation for your organization, visit our product page. Alternatively, if you would like to discover how Qellus achieved digital transformation for other companies and the way they achieved it, read our case studies available here.

Post by qellusweb
June 23, 2021