Qellus to attend the 2022 Las Vegas Maximo User Group

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February 4, 2022
Qellus to attend the 2022 Las Vegas Maximo User Group

The team will network with Maximo professionals and end-users

We’re about to head to another event following the tremendous success of the in-person International Maintenance Conference (IMC) event last December. The Las Vegas Maximo User Group will enable us to interact with Maximo users to develop further our service offering to be the best it can be.
Read this blog to find out more about each event.

The 2021 IMC Event

The 36th International Maintenance Conference held in December last year helped guide organizations toward practical actions aligned with the business process. It inspired participants from all industries to drive change and performance, enhancing their reliability and asset management.

The IMC event gave us a vast perspective on how asset management can positively impact sustainability, performance, and safety. Our own Rhonda Bullard attended The Sustainability for Reliability and Asset Management Hackathon, networking with various industry professionals on managing the sustainability of asset-intensive organizations. With the reduction of excess waste, companies can save more time and resources to manage their assets more effectively. We learned a lot about how businesses can improve their output while substantially reducing their carbon footprint.

The 2022 Las Vegas Maximo User Group

The Qellus team is heading to a new in-person Maximo event in Las Vegas on the 11th of February, 2022.

At the Beacon Center, Maximo will be hosting a meeting and workshop for end-users and technology providers alike. Qellus will be attending the event, meeting with end-users and industry experts to discuss the positive effects of optimized document management.

We’ll be highlighting how document management optimization can boost productivity and create a streamlined work environment that is quick and effective, answering any questions Maximo end-users and professionals may have. We’re looking forward to the event and meeting with users to discuss how to get the most out of Maximo.

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Group workshops are great for networking and gaining a general understanding of asset document management; however, you may need more attention. Whether you lack the resources, confidence, or knowledge to tackle document automation, Qellus is here to help guide you towards a productive and effective solution.

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Post by qellusweb
February 4, 2022