Qellus optimizes asset management for a public works authority

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December 23, 2021
Qellus optimizes asset management for a public works authority

Qellus provided the missing link to seamless asset operations

"Our client’s users are responsible for the engineering, installation, and maintenance
of assets across the country covering thousands of square meters. They have extensive asset information in a multitude of independent software systems, yet their users are limited to the asset information stored within each application,” said Michael Payne, Principal Consultant for Qellus. “We proposed a way to provide users with a complete set of information related to the asset regardless of the application in which it was created to streamline their operations and boost productivity."


  • Eliminate data silos and create a collaborative work environment.
  • Streamline asset life-cycle management for greater
    efficiency and productivity.
  • Form a centralized repository for critical data and documentation.
  • Supply the key to an integrated, all-inclusive operations journey across an organization.
  • Enable storage and access to documents when and where they are needed.
  • Enhance decision-making and end-user experience.


Qellus’ Extended ECM for IBM Maximo software



Qellus’ Extended ECM for IBM Maximo provided the missing link in their operations to provide documentation from a single, reliable repository informing each next step with accurate and reliable support.

“Our solution enabled our client to store and access documents directly into Extended ECM with much greater functionality and access from IBM Maximo, improving trust, reducing errors, and speeding fulfillment of requests,” said Ihsan Hall, Qellus Founder, and Managing Director. “Our client had been searching for a solution to consolidate their information into a common repository for over three years - Qellus Extended ECM for IBM Maximo was the answer.”

About the customer

Our customer is responsible for maintaining the water, sewer, and drainage assets
for an entire country. Over the life of each asset, our client uses many software systems to assist in managing them. IBM Maximo, Microsoft Dynamics, Engineering, and SCADA systems all had different methods of managing documents, creating disparate silos of information. This created barriers for users attempting to access critical resources and update information for the next user in the operations cycle.

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Qellus optimizes asset management for a public utility company


Post by qellusweb
December 23, 2021