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Minimize asset downtime and unplanned outages using Maximo and OpenText


For asset-intensive companies operating in Oil & Gas, Energy & Utilities, Life Sciences, and Manufacturing, minimizing downtime and unplanned outages of assets is vital. To operate efficiently, companies must be able to improve productivity and reduce maintenance costs. Best in class companies drive maintenance costs below 10% of total manufacturing costs.

Extended ECM for IBM Maximo connects the unstructured content related to enterprise assets and maintenance processes that is stored within your OpenText repository to the structured asset data that you manage within Maximo. It allows for more efficient collaboration in asset-related projects, enabling you to improve reliability, safety, and reduce downtime and outages of plants.  Field workers can leverage Maximo data and documentation to increase plant production, reduce maintenance costs, improve safety performance, and reduce fines.

What is Extended ECM for IBM Maximo?

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Extended ECM for IBM Maximo will enable you to:


Minimize downtime & unplanned outages of assets


Ensure safety and compliance


Increase plant production & operational excellence


Reduce fines & increase brand reputation


Reduce maintenance costs


8 Steps to optimize ERP and EAM processes



Asset-intensive businesses such as oil and gas, manufacturing, and real estate face many inefficiencies. However, the primary challenges that process-intensive enterprises face today are rooted in the management of data and processes. When inadequately addressed, these can have far-reaching, detrimental effects that are felt throughout an organization.

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Manage your unstructured assets within Maximo


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